January at The Learning Club

What do you do when you are having difficulty with something? 

Give Up? Get fed Up? Enjoy the Challenge?

Sometimes when things start to get tricky it can feel hopeless and we give up or look for the wrong sort of help. Using the language from The Learning Pit gives the children the tools to help themselves when they come up against difficulties, solving their own problems and developing self confidence.This in turn makes them more willing to engage in a challenging activity next time, helping those all important neurons firing and making connections.

James Nottingham who devised The Learning Pit shares our aim of helping our young people to be “critical, creative caring and collaborative thinkers”.

Our first chats about The Learning Pit resulted in the children making motivational posters as to what they would say to themselves if they were in the Learning Pit, and also what they could say to help someone get out of the Learning Pit. Don’t Give up was one of the most common. In the weeks to come we’ll be looking at what other tactics you can use when the going gets tough. Keep a look out for what we are up to!

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