Welcome to ACE Cardiff

ACE Cardiff works with children and adults to improve their quality of life through an appreciation of learning – whether that be through help with core skills of literacy and numeracy, improved communication skills or appreciation of reading, music and the arts.

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The Learning Club

ACE Cardiff’s Learning Club has been supporting young people in the Butetown and Grangetown areas of Cardiff since 2010. We work, in partnership with others to make sure that our sessions are enjoyable, exciting and engaging.

We feel it’s important that we help young people to:

• have a ‘safe learning environment’
• solve problems
• overcome confidence issues,
• experiment with their learning
• build relationships within and outside their communities


Adult ESOL Classes

ACE Cardiff found that, in some cases young people were coming with parents who had difficulty with the English language and wanted support for themselves. Consequently, we started English lessons for parents. We continue to respond to local need, meeting gaps in provision by offering classes in the Butetown and Ely areas of Cardiff

If you would be interested in this or know someone who may benefit from such opportunities, please go to the ESOL* page on our website by clicking here.

*ESOL means ‘English for Speakers of Other Languages’.


Volunteering with ACE Cardiff

We rely upon our volunteers to deliver these exciting sessions and offer them a unique opportunity to learn or reinforce their teaching skills. ACE Cardiff is committed to supporting its volunteers through its’ programme of In-house training and social opportunities! Why not come and join us? Please click here to find out more, or contact us for more information…



Our News & Announcements

Building Bridges in Grangetown Hub

At our session at Grangetown Hub last Wednesday it was a time for building bridges. The children were tasked with creating bridges out of paper to see how much weight they could hold. As well as building bridges, the children were building their knowledge as they...

Spies in The Learning Club!

We did some team work games working with shapes this week. Can the “spies” get the information back to their team? Thanks for the idea Challenging Learning!