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The Learning Club

ACE Cardiff’s Learning Club has been supporting young people in the Butetown and Grangetown areas of Cardiff since 2010. It has always relied on volunteers to work with children and has always been free.


Grangetown Hub

17:00 -18:45

Ages 7 to 11


Cardiff & Vale College

17:15 -19:00

Ages 7 to 11




Ages 7 to 11

At The Learning Club we understand that literacy and numeracy are important to improving life chances but there are alternative ways to learn and understand these subjects. We wish to show the children that experiencing music, drama, reading books and the arts in general, can add so much to the quality of their lives.

We will endeavour, through existing and future partnerships, to give our students opportunities to sample such skills as acting, singing, drama, painting and pottery etc.

Prior to the pandemic our young people came to us through referrals from local schools who felt that they may benefit from the sessions we ran, as we actively supported those who had difficulties in learning in the school environment. As a result of the current situation we are currently re-considering how we support young people in our areas.

Our provision during Covid-19

Previously, we were delivering 3 weekly sessions at locations in Butetown and Grangetown until the lockdown in March 2020 resulted in all educational facilities being shut down and, consequently, we were unable to continue with our normal provision.

ACE Cardiff’s Trustees wished to support our young students and parents at this difficult time and decided to offer online support to them. We contacted our charitable funders, to inform them of our decision and all agreed. One gave us an additional sum to support this work and we were able to have support from the Coronavirus Resilience Fund delivered by Community Foundation Wales.

We organised a planning team to manage this new way of working and kept our staff team together, augmented by two supervisors and our ESOL project lead. The team met on a weekly basis, via Zoom, to plan and monitor the programme.

Initially, we thought the programme would replicate the sessions we had delivered at the College and Grangetown Hub until the end of the school term. However, it became clear that the young people enjoyed meeting their friends, as much, if not more than the imaginative programme our two Supervisors had devised for them. So, other than a short break at the end of August we have continued the sessions weekly since they began in April (including through most of August at the insistence of our young cohort!).

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”

Benjamin Franklin