Student Volunteering at ACE – Sarah N

As part of Student Volunteering week we’ve asked our some of our volunteers who are currently studying to write about their experience volunteering with ACE at The Learning Club.

First up we have Sarah who joined us as part of our Summer programme in 2022 and has continued volunteering at our weekly Thursday session.

I am currently a second year student studying education, full-time, at an undergraduate level. A hobby of mine is writing poetry due to the creativity it can induce which allows you to express your emotions through the use of imageries.

I have been involved with TLC for 6 months. What made me decide in getting involved with TLC was wanting to give back to the community and help out. Within the club, I enjoy being able to assist within the children’s learning through creative methods which the children see as enjoyable rather being intimated and forced to learn.

Being able to see the joy the children have while learning restores my faith in creating a world where leaning is seen as a pleasant experience. I enjoy the friendly and warming environment. Volunteering is important to me as it gives me the motivation to do more for the community and it reminds me to be cheerful and mindful of others.

I have not experienced an event that I would label as challenging as volunteering gives me a sense of accomplishment as well as relieving me of stress. Managing time around studies and volunteering can be difficult, however, volunteer work is flexible and is an environment that can give off positivity.

I am grateful for being able to volunteering with TLC it is something that I constantly look forward to. Acknowledging that volunteer work can positively impact the community not only helps in fulfilling unmet needs, it gives a sense of self-satisfaction. Carrying out volunteer work is rewarding to both the community and to the self as it can become an escape daily stresses.

I would like to mention, to people considering getting into volunteering with a charity, that volunteering is less like a job and more like exploring interests and an environment where you can make friends and enjoy the company of others. It is an environment filled with joy and opportunities.

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