ACE Home Support Week 1

Hello everybody. Welcome to ACE Home Support. We have put together some fun and interesting activities for you to do over the holiday. Just choose the ones you fancy doing. We’d love to see a photograph of what you’ve done so email them to this address if you can.

The next few activities will be based around “Flight”. We’ve got all sorts of creative tasks for you to do, such as creating spinners, making your own kites and writing about “Flight”.

1. Have a go at making a spinner. Click here for instructions.When you have the time and are feeling inquisitive, try to change the design to make the spinner fall as slowly as possible.

Keep a lookout on the facebook page to see our attempts! Can you get your spinner to fall slower than ours.

2. For those who like writing, have a go at a poem with the title “Flying” . Everything you need is on the attachment. Send us your poems and we’ll publish them.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think might be interested.

If you can think of your own activities based on “Flight” we’d love to hear about them

Robyn and Fran

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